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Financial Education Lesson Plans: Teaching Kids Financial Literacy Through Great Literature

same day loans no fees or brokers Teaching kids financial literacy provides lifelong benefits. Same Day Loans No Fees Or Brokers Teach children the hazards of speculation using this handy lesson plan. This is the third and last part of a sequence.

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In part 2 of Teaching Kids Financial Literacy through Great Literature: "The Devil and Tom Walker," we found out about payday loans, predatory lending, understanding interest levels, along with the danger of taking financial shortcuts. In part 1, we discussed Tom Walker, the literary figure and financial symbols. In the third and final part, we'll look at avoiding two financial pitfalls: cards and speculation. I've included certainly one of the best financial education lesson plans of all time, the speculation game.

Teaching kids financial literacy starts off with responsible spending.

In comparison to payday loans and predatory lenders, plastic card terms seem quite mild. Of course in comparison to having your limbs ripped off by sharks, drowning seems mild, too. Show students how a $1,000 credit card balance making minimum payments takes a number of over triple the first dollar amount to pay off. Go over a credit card agreement with these and explain the terms.

Of course, Tom Walker cannot make as much money when the citizens of Boston weren't such eager speculators.

Teaching kids financial literacy continues with risk management. So this lesson teaches your students it's up to them not to get cheated.

Irving records, 'There ended up a rage for speculating; the people had run mad with schemes for new settlements; for building cities inside wilderness; land jobbers went about with maps of grants; and Eldorados, lying nobody knew where, but which individuals were willing to purchase." This story might have taken place this decade as well such as Irving's times. With some classes, explaining recent real-estate trends helps make the point, particularly if they are kicked out of their house. With all classes, a game of speculation constitutes a stronger point.

This financial literacy lesson plan is not simply fun, it teaches a critical lesson on speculation and due diligence.

For suggestions on being a wealthy teacher, click this link.

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The Devil came for Tom Walker while he was wanting to foreclose on a farm. Everything Tom had owned disappeared, all his bonds and mortgages reduced to cinders. Irving warns 'Let all griping money brokers lay this story to heart." Today's headlines demonstrate that 'griping money brokers" haven't taken this story to heart, however your students will. In fact, several students are making copies from the story and delivered it directly to pay day Same Day Loans No Fees Or Brokers centers. When confronted, they just replied, "The devil helped me take action."